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Each underlined section or Chapter is a link that will take you to a page with notes, editorial comments, and a slideshow of supporting images that will provide additional perspective on the material.



Chapter 1: 12 June 1944, Great Ashfield, England

Chapter 2: Reverie

Chapter 3: Combat

Chapter 4: 12 June 1944, Peenemünde, Germany

Chapter 5: Evasion and Capture

Chapter 6: Striving for the Fatherland

Chapter 7: Transport

Chapter 8: Arrival in Buchenwald

Chapter 9: The First Week in Buchenwald

Chapter 10: Endurance

Chapter 11: Stalag Luft III

Chapter 12: Vengeance

Chapter 13: Into the Storm

Chapter 14: Stalag VIIA

Chapter 15: A Strategic Retreat

Chapter 16: Revelations

Chapter 17: The Long Way Home

Chapter 18: The Spoils of Victory

Chapter 19: Re-entry, 1945-1948

Chapter 20: Project Paperclip, 1946-1948

Chapter 21: Divergence

Chapter 22: Convergence

Chapter 23: Unraveling


Appendix 1: Glossary, Abbreviations, and Personnel
Appendix 2: The French Resistance versus the Nazi Secret Police Network
Appendix 3: Buchenwald Airmen
Appendix 4: Lamason, the SOE, and Plans to Escape from Buchenwald
Appendix 5: List of Awards Received by Wernher von Braun
Appendix 6: Congressional Failures
Appendix 7: Acknowledgments and Sources

Table of Contents (Betrayed)

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