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Chapter 8: Arrival at Buchenwald

This was a period where the airmen were all together, all experiencing the same treatment in the same sequence on the same day, so the accounts were easily reconciled. Once the men were able to roam around Little Camp, and sometimes the Main Camp, their experiences and stories varied more widely. 
There were several challenges I faced in reconstructing the details about Little Camp. One was that there were no maps of Little Camp that dated from the time the KLB airmen were held there. Little Camp experienced a population explosion in the second half of 1944, and in December construction started on several additional barracks. At that time the footprint and fence-lines of Little Camp were altered, and changes were made in the numbering of the barracks. Even the post-war diagrams of Little Camp do not agree on the layout in detail, and examples are included in the photo series. The maps show differing representations of the camp layout, which evolved over time. Barracks 64-67 and the other structures in area 2 were not constructed until December 1944, after the airmen had been evacuated.

Map of Buchenwald CC

Buchenwald Museum

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