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I have a range of interests that include human and comparative anatomy and physiology, oceanography and marine science, seamanship and navigation, and World War II history. This website provides information about my various projects. If you have any questions, just ask.

Latest News

March 2020-June 2021: In New Zealand, sitting out occasional lockdowns.  Worked on expansion of Buchenwald Airmen website, a paper on poison fanged blennies, and a novel.  In February, a new Galapagos hagfish species was named Myxine martinii


March 2020: Image library goes online, to be expanded as time permits. See related Blog entry.

February 2020: Capture small hagfish that will be used for genetic studies.

January 2020: Establish the Martini-Welch Family Foundation to support educational and research programs.

December 2019: Buchenwald Airmen website goes live, providing access to scans of source documents on the airmen and other topics covered in Betrayed.


June 2019:  Podcast in Auckland, NZ about the biology of hagfishes for a production of Nanogirl, a science program for school kids sponsored by Radio New Zealand. 


May 2019: Attend the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society meetings in Portland, OR as a President Emeritus. 


March 2019: Maritime; publication of Learning the Hard Way, a chronicle of sailing through a cyclone, in Cruising Helmsman, March issue.


October-November 2018: Radio interviews concerning Betrayed (see related web page).


August 2018: Amazon reverses course, reinstates Betrayed on overseas sites, again without explanation. 


July 2018: Betrayed receives the 2018 Discovery Award for History.  Amazon removes Betrayed from the European market  because it "was found to contain material which we do not allow in Germany."  No other explanation was provided.


May 2018:  Invited participant in Canadian DFO workshop "Status of the Hagfish (Myxine glutinosa) fishery in the Maritimes Region."

Publication of Betrayed in paperback, Kindle, and iBook format by Rugged Land Media.


March 2018: Interviewed for a WWII Podcast about the Buchenwald Airmen.


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