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I received my Ph.D. from Cornell University in comparative and functional anatomy for work on the pathophysiology of stress. In addition to professional publications that include journal articles and contributed chapters, technical reports, and magazine articles, I am the lead author of ten undergraduate textbooks, two Atlases, and five clinical manuals in the fields of anatomy and physiology or anatomy. I have also published a book for amateur naturalists and my most recent effort is a nonfiction work based on declassified WWII and post-war documents held in the archives of the US and other countries.  

I am currently affiliated with the University of Hawaii at Manoa, after retiring from teaching at the Maui campus. I have a long-standing bond with the Shoals Marine Laboratory, a joint venture between Cornell University and the University of New Hampshire.

I have been active in the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society (HAPS) for over 26 years and was a member of the committee that established the course curriculum guidelines for undergraduate anatomy and physiology. My professional memberships are shown below. 


Feel free to contact me through this website if you have questions.

Ric and 'Bonnie'


Human Anatomy and Physiology Society (President Emeritus)
American Physiological Society
American Association of Anatomists

Australia-New Zealand Association for Clinical Anatomy
American Association for the Advancement of Science
International Society of Vertebrate Morphologists 

Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology

Text and Academic Authors Association

Authors Guild (Advisor to the Board)

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