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Chapter 4: 12 June 1944, Peenemünde, Germany

The material in this chapter was extracted from multiple sources that are detailed in Appendix 6 of the book, with some assistance from FBI records and captured German records from NARA, College Park, MD, and the NASM, Chantilly, VA.
The discussion on Wernher's management style, particularly the material regarding his arguments with Shröder, was taken from Shröder's interrogation by the British immediately after the war. The statements made then correlate well with the dates of his job transfer and the accounts he gave to the FBI and to the press a decade or more later. Wernher repeatedly denied the reports and denied Shröder's involvement and importance in the project, although Shröder figures prominently in the Peenemunde paperwork on rocket engine design and testing prior to his transfer.

Wernher von Braun in his office in Peenemünde

NASM, Ft. Eustis microfilm collection

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