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Chapter 22: Convergence [1956-1970]

The period of 1956-1965 was in many ways the best period of Fred's life. His blood pressure was up, and he was still mercurial, but he felt healthy and his career steadily advanced. This was also prime time for Wernher, with the successful satellite launch, TV appearances, speaking engagements, and movie deals. But underneath the veneer, his past was gradually bubbling toward the surface, and the Army and the FBI had their hands full keeping a lid on Wernher's past.  
Fortunately for them, neither the factual inconsistencies in I Aim at the Stars nor the comments in Speer's book made any difference in the level of adoration expressed for Wernher by the public at large. The Dora trial testimony could have altered this, but the government maneuvering ensured that there was minimal press coverage of the trial or related demonstrations.

Ric with a backyard snow-rocket

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