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Image Library Project Begins

I have accumulated many potentially useful images over the last 50 years, and I will be making them available as time permits. I have set up an image store on this site, and the first archive will be histology images. I tried everything I could think of to make it possible to download low-res images at no cost for use in a PowerPoint or Keynote lecture slide, but the store app does not let you set a zero price. So I set it at the minimum allowable price of $1, which I hope won't prevent people from using them. If you want to get a lot of them for lectures and the cost is significant, contact me through the Contacts page and we can try and work out a way to transfer them for free. But that's only for use in a lecture slide, not as a posting on a class web page or for testing or other uses.

I started with the basic histo images and over time I will add the oddballs and the pathological slides and eventually comparative vertebrate histology.

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