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New book publishes on Sq Ldr Philip J Lamason

A new book, "I would not step back," has just been released by the Phil Lamason Heritage Centre Trust, headquartered in Dannevirke, New Zealand. Whereas Betrayed focuses on specific events and archival materials related to the airmen, especially my father, during and after the war, "I would not step back" is a biography of Lamason's life that provides insights into his character development and the personality traits that made him such an effective and charismatic leader. The stories and anecdotes were collected over the later years of Phil's life through conversations with friends and family. It was an effort that involved the family and many other members of the community where Phil spent his life after the war. Its production is a testimony to how loved and respected he was in Dannevirke. The book can be ordered online from, and it is a great companion for Betrayed.

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