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Betrayed updates [1]

As Ellen Goodman once said, when discussing journalism, "If it's done, it's good," and any cruising sailor knows that if you wait until everything is perfect before heading offshore, you will never leave the dock. So after seven years, I decided to publish Betrayed knowing that it would never be "final" or "complete." I have been very fortunate to work with Mr. Webster Stone, Editor at Rugged Land Media, on the publication in paperback and electronic formats.

As I expected, new information has continued to reach me from various contacts I have made over the years. Last week, Dr. Kevin Jones forwarded files from the British National Archives that included war crimes depositions and reports filed by Forrest Yeo-Thomas and Harry Peuleve, and correspondence related to the deaths of British subjects in Nazi concentration camps. The former provided some details and confirmation of the story told in Appendix 4. The latter helped explain the coordination among the Allies with regard to the records of the Buchenwald airmen. Each country (US, Canada, UK, Australia, and NZ) had their own war crimes investigators researching crimes against their respective military forces in Nazi POW and concentration camps. However, the information collected was centralized according to the location of the camp in question. All of the collected information pertaining to war crimes committed in Buchenwald was classified Secret and forwarded to the US, which would take the lead in the Buchenwald War Crimes trial. Thus when the decision was made to withhold information on the Buchenwald airmen from the prosecution team, it applied to the records of the allied nations as well as the US.

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