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A dugong survey was the impetus for a voyage from Maine to Australia in a classic 36' wooden ketch, which I then sailed to Hawaii via American Samoa. Those were my first open ocean crossings, and in the process I learned about celestial navigation, storm tactics, sea-sickness, bailing, and the value of screaming when no-one can hear you. The photos in my first book, Exploring Tropical Isles and Seas, were taken over that period. I have continued my interest in boating, operating sail and power boats, and I have written several cruising-related articles for SEA Magazine, Sail Magazine, Passagemaker, and Cruising Helmsman.

Marine Certifications:

Current NZ Launchmaster license as Master of near coastal commercial vessels up to 25m in length.

US Merchant Marine License to serve as Master of Near Coastal Auxiliary Sail vessels of not more than 100 gross tons, with Radar Endorsement; certified to operate power-driven, auxiliary sail, or sail vessels carrying passengers for hire within 200 miles of shore, with no geographical limitations (retired October 2013). 

Maritime/​Yachting publications:

Martini (2017) “Learning the hard way,” Cruising Helmsman (in press)

Martini (2017) “Creating a hard dodger that works,” Cruising Helmsman (April 2017)

Martini (2013) “Low bridge, everybody down,” Passagemaker Magazine online

Martini (2002) “Out with the old,” American Yacht Review

Martini (1981) "Going against the grain"; SAIL Magazine

Martini and Nilson (1978) "Planning for Emergencies" in The Best Of Sail Cruising, SAIL Books, Inc.

Martini and Nilson (1978) "Whales and the cruising yachtsman"; SEA Magazine

Martini and Nilson (1977) "Survival Gear: Anticipating the Worst"; SAIL Magazine


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