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Published Books

This page covers publications intended for the general public rather than academic works, which are detailed in the Research Publications section.


Other Popular Science publications:


Martini (1998) “Secrets of the Slime Hag,” Scientific American v. 279(4): 44-49

Martini (1991) "The Hagfish: Relative, Robber, and Resource;" The World And I Magazine

Martini (1984) “Natural History Guide to Tropical Isles and Seas,” The Explorers Journal 62(4):180-185

Exploring was my first book, intended for the traveler and the amateur naturalist. It considers tropical island geology, coral reef formation and ecology, and the biology of marine fishes, reptiles, and mammals.

The book chapters were derived from lectures for oceanography and marine science classes and for noncredit courses covering the marine biology and geology of tropical islands.


"Exploring" was published in 1984, and was a Book of the Month Club selection.  Unfortunately, the publication came a few months before the imprint, Spectrum Books, was purchased and disbanded. Although some of the island population statistics are outdated, the biological and geological information remains accurate and useful. 


This book has been re-released in print-on-demand format with black and white illustrations.  The illustrations will be in color in the digital versions (iBook and Kindle).  A limited number of the original hardcover copies with color plates, signed by the author, are available (details on request through the Contact page).

Natural History

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