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Human Anatomy

Human Anatomy was the first and still the only undergraduate anatomy textbook in an oversize format. This format allows the illustrations to be much larger and clearer, and makes it easier to ensure that illustrations and narrative remain in close proximity. It uses a body system approach, and has long been the best-selling undergraduate anatomy textbook for freshman or sophomore level anatomy students. It is primarily used by students in the same career paths as FAP or VAP, but at schools where human anatomy is a one-semester course, taught separately from human physiology. The new ninth edition was coauthored with Robert Tallitsch and Judi Nath.

Human Anatomy was awarded Textbook of the Year award in Life Sciences by the Text and Academic Authors Association twice. It has won an award for Visual Presentation of Scientific Information from the Society of Academic Authors, design awards from Bookbuilders West and the NY Book Fair, and an award from the Association of Medical Illustrators.

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