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Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology

Fundamentals of A&P was my first textbook effort, and it has been revised and improved continuously since 1989 through revisions that are released every 3 years. Now in its 11th edition, it is intended for a two-semester course at the freshman or sophomore level. FAP is used in pre-nursing, pharmacy, kinesiology, physical therapy, and other allied health programs around the world.


The text is heavily illustrated and the layout enhances text-art correlation to the extent possible in a traditional textbook format. This was the first A&P textbook to have the entire illustration program created by a pair of medical illustrators, one an MD (Dr. William Ober) and the other an RN (Claire Garrison). Over time, I have been joined by two superb and tolerant coauthors, Judi Nath and Ed Bartholomew, both of whom are coauthors of other textbooks in this collection.

Fundamentals has received the Textbook of the Year award in Life Sciences three times. 

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